Digital leadership

Bootcamp #2020

WHY should you join? 

Leadership has never been as important as it is in this fast-paced digital economy. You have to drive your team and your company in a quickly changing environment, with a limited amount of information. This context has fundamentally changed the character and knowledge set of an effective leader. 


We developed this bootcamp for C-level executives who are always searching for new opportunities in order to reach outstanding business results.  


We know that you are on a tight agenda, with limited time for learning and reenergizing yourself to deliver 100 percent every day. 


That’s why we created this intensive digital leadership bootcamp program for you. 


In the span of 10 days, you will undergo an extremely intense learning experience in a network that shares your dilemmas. We will go through all the key pillars of digital leadership challenges with experts from Brazil to Singapore. 


Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

WHY Bali? 

Our founder team has managed many leadership development projects in the past, and we’ve gained a few insights that we would like to tackle by holding the bootcamp overseas. 

  • We know that leaders are always overwhelmed by everyday business issues, so it’s very hard to make dedicated time for learning and mental refreshment. 

  • Even if you can manage to attend an intensive course in your city, having a stressed, focused, problem-solving mindset won’t allow your mind to switch to learning mode.

  • Every year, you have only a few weeks when you can manage to be out of the office. In those few weeks you have to squeeze in family, friends, personal refreshment, learning, reading, etc. 

We believe that travelling to Bali for the Digital Leadership Bootcamp will be a time-efficient mixture of learning and personal refreshment. 


We developed this program especially for CEOs and C-level professionals. We believe that having a learner community that shares your challenges and dilemmas will accelerate the learning process. Plus, it will be a great opportunity for intensive networking across industries. 


As it’s an intensive bootcamp, we will learn every day on a tight schedule. 


08:00-9:00: Breakfast and “morning kickoff” coffee together

09:00-15:00: Intensive workshops (mandatory)

15:00-18:00: Teamwork and personal mentoring (optional) 

18:00-23:00: Meetups, surfing, yoga, having fun


Important note: 

We know that being a C-level professional means it’s hard to leave everything behind for 10 days. That’s why we chose Bali and set up this agenda. That’s how we hacked time a little bit. While we will be learning from 9:00 to 15:00, everyone in Europe will be sleeping. When the business day gets started at 9:00 CEST, we will jump into the optional workshop at 15:00 Bali time. So if you have anything super important to manage, you won’t have to choose between learning and solving business issues. 


The co-working space where the bootcamp will be located will totally serve you with a professional working environment: the ability to make overseas calls, a quiet place to focus, etc. 


Anyway, we hope that you can reserve this week for learning. ;) 

Having fun

Canggu is a paradise of remote workers, digital entrepreneurs, and white-collar workers who are looking for some intellectual refreshment. In addition to its world-class co-working spaces, it will energize you with its world-class restaurants, surfing spots, and yoga centers. And for those who are not into surfing or yoga, watching the Batu Bolong sunset after an intense day of learning will definitely be a life-changing experience.


A detailed agenda is coming soon!  


  • Data-driven decisions on an everyday basis  

  • AI and machine learning projects with a hands-on approach 

  • People analytics for survival 

  • The changing game of talent retention 

  • Exponential sales strategies using automation 

  • Custom marketing using automation 

  • The changing source of power in leadership 

NExt Bootcamp

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

HOW much does it cost? 


6500 EUR + VAT 

(Flight ticket and accommodation is not included) 



The Future Tech Institute team delivers the bootcamp program. Buying your flight ticket and booking your accommodation is your duty.  But we will: 


  • Send you a list of pro tips for booking, or 

  • if you don’t want to spend time on this, we will connect you to one of our professional travel agent partners, who will manage everything for you. 


Please  fill in the form below.




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