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what is this about? 

We are surrounded by the buzz of the latest technologies, like machine learning (ML), but sometimes it’s hard to catch them. They are surrounded by uncertainty. 


To minimize the risks of newness, we are likely to spend a lot of time on evaluation, invite consultants to build strategy on implementation, etc. Maybe you’ve already spent a few thousand euros or dollars on a new technology, you still haven’t taken the concrete step of implementing in. 


In the meantime, today’s rapidly changing digital economy requires fast go-to-market strategies and quick decisions. 


This workshop will help you solve this paradox. We will showcase how to define your very first viable iteration at low cost and with low risk, which will be immediately actionable by the end of the workshop. 


So if you kick off the project that we scope by the end of the workshop in a few weeks, you can have your first small-scope machine learning application operating in your organization. 


2 days (2*8 hours)

Workshop results 



  1. Technically validate those datasets that you already have and are almost ready for an ML project 

  2. Define a low-risk, low-cost project for solving a concrete business case by adopting a concrete ML solution. 




  1. Documented scope of a machine learning minimum viable product (MVP) project for a concrete business case 

  2. Estimate of MVP cost/ROI 

  3. Data discovery memo 

  4. Complete management presentation about the results (to accelerate your kick-off decision after the workshop) 


1 data engineer, 1 Google 3i workshop trainer , 1 training assistant

SEcret Sauce


We are combining an MVP scoping methodology with technical feasibility and data discovery elements.


We believe that’s the core to a quick, reasonable iteration.


The key value in the workshop is not finding a business case and building an MVP concept on that, but finding a business case where there is “ML project-ready” quality data available and defining an ROI-wise MVP on the top of that.  



Our founder company Aliz Tech works as Google Cloud partner in the EMEA and APAC regions. To deliver better AI and ML project scopes, Google invented the 3i methodology that our trainers are certified in. The workshop also incorporates this methodology. 

Team Size

10-15 people

Team setup

We can manage many different types of teams, but we have some recommendations that can multiply the effectiveness of the workshop 


  • Having a diverse team is always the best. Mixing business and tech people is always a good idea.

  • C-level colleagues or those with some decision-making power within the organization are more likely to energize the project later.  

  • If you have data scientist in your company, they are a must for inclusion. 


Your HQ

ARE you interested? 

Let's set up a call as soon as possible. I will answer all your questions.


Hope to talk you soon. 

Barbara Fazekas, CEO, Future Tech Institute


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