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How to enter Asian Markets? 

The Future Tech Institute team would like to introduce you to a new series — Tech in Asia Meetup. As you may know, we have a mission: to convince European business leaders to put more focus on learning from the booming Asian markets. 




Asia is the new epicenter of emerging markets and cutting-edge technologies, so it is worth keeping our eyes on the region. Just one metric to mention as an appetizer The 2016 and 2017 Google-Temasek reports foresee a $200 billion internet economy in the South-East Asian region by 2025, while other research says that number will be closer to $240 billion.

How could Europe compete with such a seed? 


Whether you’re working for a small company or for a big multinational organization, this global economy reshaping will have an effect on you. 

Time: Tuesday 10 December 2019, 6pm–8pm

Location: Millenaris Startup Campus 

Tickets: 2800 HUF (should be paid onsite in cash) 

Language of the presentations: Hungarian 


How can we be a winner of this global change? 


Of course, we don’t have the Philosopher’s Stone, but we have collected a bouquet of real case studies that may help us get closer to the answer. In I. Tech in Asia Meetup, our speakers will share their personal company stories and case studies about different Asian market entries from Singapore to Malaysia. Success stories and epic fails are both on the set menu. 


Are you considering investing in any of these markets? Do you want to get prepared for the change? Or are you just interested in how digitalization changes will affect global markets and commerce strategies? Don’t hesitate, this meetup is for you! ;) 


Hope to meet you! 



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By registration I accept that Future Tech Institute by ALIZ will shoot photos at the event, and later those will be used on it's website and social media channels. 


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